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We pay cash for your home. AS-IS! No real estate commissions to pay ever. Or if your home is already listed on the MLS with an agent, not to worry; we’ll pay the real estate agent’s fees!

Tax Lien

Are you behind on your property taxes? Are you several years behind? Are you getting threatening letters from the county? Has a tax date been missed? Don’t know what to do?

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As the leading provider of real estate services in the town, we focus more on buying services, whether residential places or commercial properties, in a hassle-free and quick way.


If you are facing foreclosure, first thing, take a deep breath. We know how stressful the situation is; we have eight certified pre-closure/foreclosure specialists on staff here to help you.

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Sell Your Property

About Us

Welcome to B & G Investment Group we are dedicated to assisting you with the sale of your home. With a deep passion for real estate and a unwaviering commitment to excellence, our team of seasoed professionals are here to guide you through every step of the home Sell Your Property in Minneapolis MN.

Sell Your Property

The B & G Investment Story

We are a family owned and run company. We started off in the mortgage industry back in 2000. While we loved all the people we could help we hated all the people who we couldn't. We then entered into the real estate space and then the crash 0f 2008 happened. People were hurting, lost, and confused. Not only were people losing their homes but their entire life savings. We then decided to pivot and help in Sell Your Property in Minneapolis MN before they lost their homes to forclosure, tax liens, or back HOA fees. We have our roots in Minnesota but we help people across the country.

Our Commitment & mission

We love and are dedicated to the improvement and betterment of the communities we work in. We do that through community service, financial support and by restoring blighted, neglected, vacant and abandons homes in under severed communities. We place families in those homes that help bring back vitality and pride to the community. We pride ourselves on offering high quality housing at affordable prices. In addition we provide housing for battered women and children with no other safe place to go.

Our Mission & Vision

To Sell Your Property in Minneapolis MN to all our clients at all times. To be servants and "Go-Givers"; to both our clients and the communities we serve. To create win-win situations with our customers. We do that by offering fair offers prices the properties we buy, offering fair rental rates, high quality rentals, and by offering a path to home ownership for families who may not otherwise qualify to purchase a home.

Sell Your Property with Us

Our top-notch real estate services can help you navigate the process easily and without worry whenever you want to sell your property in Minneapolis MN, and achieve maximum profits. We recognize that selling a home may be a big choice, and we are committed to giving you the finest help at every step to ensure a streamlined experience. When you choose our Minneapolis sell property services, you can count on a team of experienced professionals who know the local market. Before establishing a specific marketing plan, we will collaborate to understand your motives and goals.

We have the skills to successfully promote and sell your property, whether a home, condo, or commercial property. We create a tailored marketing plan to sell your property in Minneapolis effectively by highlighting its unique features and attributes. Aside from that, our competitive marketing study guarantees the correct pricing of your property to attract buyers and maximize return on investment. Contact us today to find the best property for sale in Minneapolis MN, or to explore the exciting opportunities to sell your own property. We are committed to making you happy and simplifying every stage of the overall real estate process for you.

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When you sell your property with us you never have to worry about paying realtor commissions, apprisals, inspection fees, or closing cost. Saving you thousands of dollars on the sale of your home!!

Our company is locally owned, so we are well-known for the local market trends in the real estate industry.
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